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Feb 24, 2020

Artificial intelligence (AI) is transforming the business of risk adjustment—the science of predicting the level of disease burden of an individual. On today’s show, Adam Sullivan, Ph.D., senior director of AI at Change Healthcare, interviews Curt Vinyard, vice president of Product and Strategy at Change Healthcare, to dig into the impact AI is having in risk adjustment analytics, and what payers and providers need to know about this disruptive innovation.

Here's what Adam and Curt covered:  

  • Risk adjustment yesterday, today, and tomorrow
  • The ah-ha moment that will change your thinking about AI and risk adjustment
  • How AIs can reduce administrative overhead in risk adjustment
  • Delivering risk adjustment information to physicians to help them improve compliance
  • Helping physicians use AI analytics to make the right care decisions

Episode Resources

  1. Adam Sullivan's bio
  2. Curt Vinyard's bio
  3. Artificial Intelligence and Healthcare

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