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Nov 12, 2019

As more organizations adopt enterprise imaging solutions that cross service lines, improvements in care team coordination are having a positive impact on throughput, clinical collaboration, and patient outcomes.

On today’s show, Steve Harrold, Senior Manager of Enterprise Imaging at Change Healthcare, talks about these improvements, including the importance of workflow engines, advancements in AI algorithms, and how to keep diagnosticians on the front lines of healthcare.

Here's what we covered: 

  • Improving patient throughput and intra-department communications (01:55)
  • Incorporation of AI algorithms into workflow engines and the impact on clinicians (03:48)
  • How intelligent views can reveal disease progression (06:03)
  • Adjusting turnaround times around specific conditions to support better outcomes (07:57)
  • How a mobile experience can make or break encounter-based capture (09:18)

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