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Nov 12, 2019

Healthcare organizations increasingly see enterprise imaging as crucial to the development of a more comprehensive electronic health record. And as more providers consolidate their medical imaging infrastructure, they’re learning how integrating with the EHR can help increase the value of their existing HIT investments.

On today’s show, Steve Harrold, Senior Manager of Enterprise Imaging at Change Healthcare, talks about the potential advantages of multitenancy, the need for a cybersecurity infrastructure, and how telling the story of the patient’s condition through imaging can lead to better outcomes.

Here's what we discussed:

  • How enterprise imaging can help reduce clinical variance and combat physician burnout (01:19)
  • The C-suite’s focus on EHRs and enterprise imaging (02:43)
  • How concentrated integration can improve information flow (03:37)
  • Why role-based views of images and reports matter for results interpretation and patient consults (04:37)
  • The trend toward EHR and cloud-native imaging convergence (07:06)
  • What "cloud-native" architecture means (09:26)
  • How display protocols can increase diagnostic confidence (13:38)

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