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Jan 11, 2020

Electronic claims submission is now the norm in healthcare. Yet claims attachments––the clinical and other supporting documentation submitted to payers––remain mired in fragmented manual workflows that still rely on phone calls, paper pushing, and fax machines.

But that's changing. On today's show, we discuss the rapid evolution of payer-provider data exchange that's happening right before our eyes. Our expert panel shares compelling insights on new HIT capabilities that can help providers pull the plug on the fax machine and go "all electronic" with virtually all clinical documentation they need to share with payers to support claims payment. The result can be a great increase in efficiency, error reduction, manageability, cost savings, and revcycle velocity.

Our Change Healthcare panelists: Mike Peresie, senior vice president and general manager of Medical Network; Sajid Khan, senior vice president and general manager of Dental Network; and Adam Sullivan, senior director of Artificial Intelligence.

Here's what the panel covered: 

  • Growing momentum towards full-scale interoperability
  • The network is the advantage
  • How data analytics and arbitrage in boosting collections
  • Lessons learned in the dental market
  • Artificial intelligence and natural language processing step up
  • Creating a "claims superhighway" for clinical documentation
  • Getting payers and providers to move on from legacy methods
  • How payers and providers can partner to go all-electronic

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