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Welcome to the Change Healthcare podcast.

Change Healthcare is inspiring a better healthcare system. Together, we are accelerating the journey toward improved lives and healthier communities.

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Jun 4, 2020

How Change Healthcare’s API and Services Connection™ marketplace helps payers, providers, and digital health companies deliver a more efficient, consistent experience

Learn how APIs sourced from a portfolio of integrations, workflow enablers, and intelligent advisors let payers, providers, and digital health...

Mar 23, 2020

Start-ups and mid-sized companies are innovating new IT solutions to solve challenges in the healthcare industry. One of the issues these development teams face is deciding whether to build all functionality in house, or focus on their strengths and integrate best-of-breed functionality where possible–speeding time to...

Mar 1, 2020

Healthcare consumers are frustrated by the mix of medical bills they receive from multiple providers. Rachel Mertensmeyer started RexPay® to help consumers understand, manage, and pay all those medical bills in one place, through a simple smartphone app. But what consumers don't see when they use the app is something...