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Jul 27, 2020

Gone is the traditional understanding of capacity management. On today's how, Terri Epler connects with Duncan Campbell to give us an insider's view of how COVID-19 upended the healthcare industry’s historical view of capacity management. They dissect how COVID-19 impacted hospital capacity, and examine why capacity management is crucial for efficient operations during every level of patient demand.

Terri Epler, RN, MSN, product consultant for Change Healthcare, leads the conversation with special guest Duncan Campbell, principal of Craigavon Enterprises. Duncan spearheaded several healthcare turnaround and performance improvement initiatives throughout Canada, and is the former CFO of Vancouver Coastal Health.

Their conversation pulls back the curtain on:

  • Capacity challenges providers face daily
  • Initial and ongoing impact of COVID-19 on patient flow and hospital capacity in the U.S. and Canada
  • How and why capacity management broke down when the pandemic started
  • Ways in which providers coped
  • What approaches worked and failed, and why
  • Lessons providers learned to guide better capacity management
  • Why capacity management is crucial at every level of demand
  • The role of IT to help manage capacity
  • How Change Healthcare customers are navigating capacity management today
  • Factors that create urgency to forecast capacity highs and lows
  • Benefits of accurately aligning demand to resources

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