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Jun 22, 2020

The pandemic left payers, providers, and regulators no choice but to fully embrace telehealth--finally. CMS, ONC, and payers expanded coverage. Providers flocked to telehealth to mitigate the risk of in-person visits and ensure care delivery. In the aftermath, the benefits and limitations of “telehealth,” and the promise of a true virtual care model, are now clear—as are the gaps that must be closed, such as enabling labs, e-prescriptions, remote imaging, expanded eligibility, claims management, and more.

On today’s show, G. Shah, VP of Platform and Marketplace, convenes a Change Healthcare expert panel to discuss how COVID-19 upended the telehealth trend, the trajectory of telehealth’s evolution into a true virtual care model, and what’s needed from a business and technology standpoint to get there. On the panel: Ian Ellis, VP and general manager of Clinical Exchange; Cindy Klain, VP of Medical Network; and Greg Jones, director of Product Management.

Here’s the deep dive they took into the present and future of virtual care:

  • Expanding the footprint of care
  • Patients seeing remote providers: How do they get their labs and prescriptions?
  • How payers and providers can get started with telehealth
  • Digital health companies and innovation
  • Using APIs to build better solutions
  • Ensure providers are equally supported in the telehealth model
  • From telehealth to true virtual care: the next vista
  • The bookends of the financial journey for telehealth providers
  • The financial model of providing care
  • Virtual labs and prescriptions
  • Virtual imaging
  • Virtual medical eligibility and claims management
  • Using bundled APIs to help telehealth providers create better experiences
  • Towards continuous care from an episodic care model
  • Eliminating complexity
  • APIs only a telehealth provider could love
  • This time next year: What does virtual care success look like?

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