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Nov 25, 2019

Healthcare interoperability: Where is the industry at today, where is it going, what's new, what's coming, and most important–what do payers, providers, and vendors need to do in order to participate in healthcare's interoperational future?

These questions and more are fielded on today's show by Jitin Asnaani, former Executive Director of CommonWell Health Alliance; Kashif Rathore, VP of Interoperability at Cerner; and Nicole Antonson, VP of Identity and CommonWell Services at Change Healthcare.

Covered on today's broadcast:

  • Why we're all students of interoperability (03:58)
  • Meaningful Use Stage Two, the need for an interoperability alliance, and the birth of CommonWell (09:08)
  • Promoting the free exchange of information: Why Cerner became a founding member of CommonWell (16:04)
  • Interoperability: What's in it for providers? (21:40)
  • The greatest barriers to interoperability for providers (26:54)
  • How clinical interoperability exchange can help drive better outcomes (37:12)
  • Where healthcare interoperability sits on the maturity curve (45:07)
  • Coming federal interoperability rules (54:44)
  • What providers can expect from CommonWell in the future (1:05:17)
  • What's next for interoperability in healthcare IT (1:13:37)
  • Next steps for providers: Preparing for an interoperable industry (1:18:17)

Episode Resources

  1. Jitin Asnaani's bio
  2. Kashif Rathore's bio
  3. Nicole Antonson's bio
  4. CommonWell Health Alliance
  5. Cerner
  6. CommonWell Health Alliance Awards Change Healthcare Six-Year Contract to be the Provider of Clinical Interoperability Services
  7. Interoperability Solutions for Healthcare

Show Resources