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Nov 14, 2019

Payers can reap profound cost savings by moving their provider networks from paper to electronic payment (e-payment). But after 20 years of encouraging various forms of e-payment, only 60% of medical providers are accepting them.¹

Imagine if only 60% of other forms of commerce accepted electronic payments. Why the snail’s pace in healthcare?

Listen in as Bill Barbato and Jason Koch share their answers to this question, and review how e-payment continues to challenge  payers, and ways payers can break the logjam to boost e-payment adoption.

Here are the topics they touched on:

  • The lingering impact of early industry missteps when introducing e-payment (02:40)
  • New e-payment options that help overcome providers' reluctance (06:17)
  • The e-payment approach smaller-volume providers often embrace first (08:39)
  • Why offering multiple e-payment options is essential (10:57)
  • Obstacles: Enrollment and the lack of EDI delivery (15:02)
  • Electronic payment impact on the reconciliation process (18:07)
  • How to send high-quality electronic remittance advice (20:48)
  • Achieving win-win relationships with providers (26:43)

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