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Dec 18, 2020

The way health plans communicate with members today is strikingly similar to how they communicated 10, 20, even 30 years ago: mostly on paper via U.S. mail. Why are member communications largely stuck in the past while most other industries have aggressively shifted to digital engagement? A recent Harris Poll study of healthcare consumers found 71% of consumers now want their health plan to connect with them digitally, and that number will only grow as a result of the pandemic.

On today’s show, Phillip Cardona and Sally Love Connally discuss what payers need to do to bring member communications into the digital age, while meeting regulatory compliance and other business challenges unique to healthcare.

Phillip Cardona is strategy executive on the Payer Growth Program team at Change Healthcare. Sally Love Connally is senior vice president and general manager of Member Communications at Change Healthcare.

Here’s what they chatted about:

  • How health plans are falling short of rising consumer expectations
  • Shortcomings exposed by the pandemic
  • Risks and rewards of digital member communication
  • Old school vs. new school: Giving members choice
  • Why health plans find omnichannel communication strategies challenging
  • Regulatory restrictions and barriers, and how to overcome them
  • Getting the basics right
  • How to keep pace with a rapidly evolving member communications landscape

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