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Whether you need to improve operational efficiency, optimize financial performance, or enhance the consumer experience, we offer the industry insight and innovative technology to help you meet your objectives.

Nov 21, 2019

Using digital technology to attract, engage, and serve consumers; deliver exceptional experiences; and earn loyalty is old hat for many U.S. industries. Healthcare, however, remains woefully behind the times when it comes to delivering contemporary digital experiences to consumers.

But that’s changing, and fast. On today's show, experts from Adobe, Microsoft, MDSave, and Change Healthcare have a robust discussion about why healthcare lags behind, the impetus to move quickly, the risks of not doing so, what the personalized patient experience looks like, and much more. It's a must-hear for any payer or provider.

Here’s what the panel debated:

  • The digital healthcare experience imperative (04:52)
  • A new notion: the “Orchestrated Digital Journey” (21:27)
  • Price transparency and its connection to patient satisfaction and collections (25:29)
  • What a personalized patient experience looks like (31:44)
  • How we can help patients improve their experience while lowering healthcare costs (42:50)
  • Connecting access points to provide a seamless healthcare experience (53:57)
  • Digital transformation from the platform point of view (59:30)
  • How the orchestrated digital journey can impact care quality and patient health (1:12)

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