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Apr 6, 2021

The Protecting Access to Medicare Act (PAMA) ties imaging reimbursement to using clinical decision support (CDS) to help ensure medical necessity. But why stop there? On today’s show, Dr. Ryan Lee with the Einstein Healthcare Network in Philadelphia shares how Einstein has gone beyond compliance to embrace a broad and collaborative use of CDS.

Dr. Ryan Lee is an associate professor of radiology at Thomas Jefferson University and leads radiology, quality, and safety programs at the Einstein Healthcare Network in Philadelphia. Greg Mogel is the chief medical officer for CareSelect at Change Healthcare.

They discuss:

  • CDS's impact on compliance, cost, and quality
  • Substituting medical evidence for anecdotal judgment
  • Going beyond radiology
  • Lessons learned about the keys to CDS success
  • Determining the best study, the wrong study, or no study
  • Streamlining preauthorization for commercial insurers and Medicare
  • Applying CDS to pediatric cases
  • Reducing unnecessary imaging, costs, and exposure to radiation

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