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Feb 9, 2020

Welcome to the Capitol Connection, a quarterly update on what's happening on Capitol Hill and various state legislature sessions around healthcare policy. Your hosts are Deanne Kasim, Executive Director of Health Policy at Change Healthcare; and Angela Evatt, Senior Manager, State Policy Strategy at Change Healthcare. 

Here's what's covered in this quarter's report:

  • The trend of state-based broad data privacy bills
  • State vs. federal privacy provisions & the California Consumer Privacy Act
  • Compliance challenges of juggling multiple state laws instead of one federal law
  • How should health app data & other non-HIPAA regulated data be governed?
  • Bringing transparency to how data is used without stifling innovation
  • States testing public insurance options and addressing challenges to the ACA
  • State approaches to Medicaid expansion, including the block grant system
  • Petitions to CMS to add work requirements to state Medicaid programs
  • CMS price cost transparency rules and related litigation  

Episode Resources

  1. Deanne Kasim's bio
  2. Angela Evatt's bio
  3. Everything You Dare to Ask About Healthcare Interoperability
  4. Getting A Second Opinion on Healthcare with Senator William Frist
  5. Price Transparency is Coming for Payers, Providers, and Pharma. Are You Ready?
  6. The New PAMA Math
  7. Interoperability Solutions for Healthcare
  8. Advancing the Use of APIs in Healthcare

Show Resources