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May 11, 2020

Tougher requirements are coming for D-SNP, the dual-eligible special needs program for Medicare and Medicaid. On today’s show, Shelley Stevenson and Phillip Cardona discuss upcoming regulatory changes, what payers need to know to ensure compliance, and opportunities that arise for payers and members.

Shelley Stevenson leads the government programs practice at Change Healthcare Consulting. Phillip Cardona is a strategy executive with Change Healthcare’s Payer Growth Program. Here’s what they chatted about.

  • D-SNP and eligibility
  • States starting to require D-SNP plans
  • Tougher requirements coming in 2021
  • Timeline and roadmap for preparing for 2021 regulations
  • How the new regulations impact providers
  • What payers need to do to keep providers informed
  • Mobilizing a clinical team
  • Siloed Medicare and Medicaid patients and the shift to integrated plans
  • The impact on long-term support services
  • How to analyze where members will need support
  • Moving to holistic care

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