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Apr 12, 2021

After years of slow to no progress, clinical interoperability is being propelled forward by consumer and competitive market pressures, and an array of federal mandates. On today’s show, host Charles Pelton talks with Genevieve Morris about the evolution of clinical interoperability, where it started, where we are...

Apr 8, 2021

An ONC brief finds healthcare made significant progress on data sharing. But that connectivity is largely between EHRs. Today’s panel draws a distinction between simple EHR data sharing and truly interoperable healthcare services that are usable and extensible via FHIR across myriad vendor, payer, and provider...

Apr 6, 2021

The Protecting Access to Medicare Act (PAMA) ties imaging reimbursement to using clinical decision support (CDS) to help ensure medical necessity. But why stop there? On today’s show, Dr. Ryan Lee with the Einstein Healthcare Network in Philadelphia shares how Einstein has gone beyond compliance to embrace a broad and...