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Jun 8, 2020

The American College of Healthcare Executives (ACHE) has been advancing leaders and healthcare management excellence for 85 years. We invited ACHE President and CEO Deborah Bowen, FACHE, and Carrie Owen Plietz, FACHE, ACHE Chairman-Elect, EVP and COO, WellStar Health System, to give us their advice for how leaders can respond effectively to patient, community, and business concerns around the pandemic, from the standpoint of the industry’s preeminent professional society.

Today’s panel:
Host: Navesh Kandiyil, MD, MBA, FACHE, Change Healthcare
Guests: Deborah Bowen, FACHE, CAE, president and CEO of the ACHE; and Carrie Owen Plietz, FACHE, EVP and COO, WellStar Health System, and ACHE Chairman-Elect

Here’s how the conversation went.

  • ACHE backgrounder
  • Inside the hot spots
  • Lessons providers are learning from inside the hot spots
  • Inside the cold spots
  • What’s working, what’s not
  • How ACHE is responding
  • The impact on payer-provider collaboration
  • Six priorities for providers facing the crisis
  • Unexpected provider innovations
  • Short- and long-term impacts on healthcare leadership
  • How do we ensure healthcare is delivered in a safe environment?
  • How priorities will shift post-pandemic

Episode Resources

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