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May 4, 2020

Few people are better situated to help us understand the tangled web of issues facing providers today than Becker’s Hospital Review Editor-in-Chief Molly Gamble. Beyond the capacity and supply problems triggered by the pandemic, hospitals and health systems are peering over the edge at some very real existential threats.

On this episode, Kelley Blair, senior vice president and GM of Health System Services at Change Healthcare, connected with Gamble to talk about what she has seen, experienced, and reported for Becker's Healthcare readers over the past six weeks. Topics that they hit on:

  • Takeaways from conversations with providers in the 10 hardest-hit states
  • Novel challenges facing the healthcare system as it moves into recovery
  • New ways in which health systems are communicating with patient populations
  • How payers can support providers during the pandemic
  • Managing solvency in the face of declining patient volumes
  • The role of data in helping hospitals assess the impact of COVID-19
  • Potential long-term impacts of the pandemic

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