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Dec 14, 2020

A special edition of the Change Healthcare Podcast

Today we're bringing you a live forum with the CEOs of HFMA, the Healthcare Financial Management Association, and AHIP, America's Health Insurance Plans.

Today's live forum is about Bridging the Consumer Experience Divide, where Matt Eyles, the CEO of AHIP, and Joe Fifer, the CEO of HFMA, join Change Healthcare’s Bill Krause to discuss how "consumer-first collaboration" can benefit all healthcare stakeholders.

People often focus on the competing business interests of health insurers and providers, but both are striving to achieve the same goals: to make healthcare accessible, affordable, and high quality. And today, payers and providers increasingly agree that these goals can't be achieved without it making it easier for consumers to digitally engage with the healthcare system and gain a more informed and active role in their healthcare decisions.

We brought these industry leaders together for a live forum to discuss how health insurers and providers can work together to improve the consumer experience, and how that can help healthcare consumers and the industry reduce costs, improve outcomes, and accelerate payment.

The panel: Bill Krause is vice president and general manager of Digital Experience and Consumer Engagement at Change Healthcare. Matt Eyles is president and CEO of America's Health Insurance Plans (AHIP). Joe Fifer is president and CEO of the Healthcare Financial Management Association (HFMA).

Here’s what the panel discussed and debated during the live forum:

  • What consumers want from their digital healthcare experience
  • How current digital tools fall short of consumer expectations
  • Why health systems and insurers should work together to build better consumer experiences
  • How providing consumers with information in advance helps reduce billing confusion after treatment
  • Why telehealth is a good digital front door for providers
  • Insights and ideas for empowering healthcare consumers to help drive healthcare transformation

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