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Oct 26, 2020

The election, the COVID-19 crisis, and a Supreme Court case challenging the Affordable Care Act have healthcare leaders on alert. What comes next? On today’s show, Change Healthcare’s Deanne Kasim and Angela Evatt take a look at the current policy landscape through the end of the year, and catch us up on what’s pending in Congress, with Washington regulators, and in the states; and how some of these issues might play out.

Today’s panel features Deanne Kasim, executive director, Health Policy, and Angela Evatt, senior manager, Health Policy, for Change Healthcare.

They run down:

  • The stalled rescue package—and whether there will there be action in the lame duck session
  • Legislation to enable greater flexibility for data exchange
  • Whether temporary waivers allowing expanded use of telehealth will become permanent
  • New regulations pending with OMB
  • Status of the final CMS Price Transparency Rule for Payers
  • Medicare Advantage developments and the possibility of new prior authorization rules
  • Amy Coney Barrett’s Supreme Court nomination and the ACA
  • What’s next for Congress
  • State reopening and vaccine distribution plans
  • State budgets and possible Medicaid budget cuts
  • State data privacy and telehealth initiatives
  • Elections and key races to watch

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