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Feb 5, 2019

It’s no secret that healthcare costs are out of control for consumers. But what can get lost in the shuffle is how these costs affect employers, who want their employees to be covered with better healthcare.

Some could argue that healthcare cost-containment is one of the most important pillars of the healthcare equation, and that employers can be a key factor in bending this cost curve. Yet it’s worth noting that since 2013, premiums for employer-sponsored healthcare coverage for families have escalated more than 22%, to reach almost $20,000 per year on average.

This upward trend has renewed interest from employers in alternative payment models. The nonprofit Catalyst for Payment Reform (CPR), which provides guidance into the efforts of employers to drive increased healthcare value, is helping close that gap. And as some companies now opt to go directly to providers—bypassing health plans and cutting out the middleman—they certainly could benefit from an expert perspective.

In this edition of Episode Intelligence, we spoke with CPR Executive Director Suzanne Delbanco, who expanded on her organization’s work with Rob Capobianco, Change Healthcare VP of Value Based Payments.

In today's show they discuss:

  • How working to promote payment reform is a means of improving healthcare value (01:08)
  • How payment reform progress is measured (04:41)
  • What healthcare purchasers want from their health plans (11:40)
  • The transition from fee-for-service and progress of bundled payments (15:05)

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