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Welcome to the Change Healthcare podcast.

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Whether you need to improve operational efficiency, optimize financial performance, or enhance the consumer experience, we offer the industry insight and innovative technology to help you meet your objectives.

Apr 12, 2021

After years of slow to no progress, clinical interoperability is being propelled forward by consumer and competitive market pressures, and an array of federal mandates. On today’s show, host Charles Pelton talks with Genevieve Morris about the evolution of clinical interoperability, where it started, where we are...

Nov 9, 2020

Healthcare interoperability gained increased urgency as a result of the pandemic. The need for public health measures, such as virtual care and contact tracing, showcased progress but also revealed gaps that must be closed. On today’s show, Arien Malec and Deanne Kasim speak with Paul Wilder, executive director...

Nov 25, 2019

Healthcare interoperability: Where is the industry at today, where is it going, what's new, what's coming, and most important–what do payers, providers, and vendors need to do in order to participate in healthcare's interoperational future?

These questions and more are fielded on today's show by Jitin Asnaani, former...