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Feb 6, 2019

Blockchain offers significant potential for transforming healthcare processes, but few concepts have moved from just a vision to a stage where true benefits can be realized. That’s about to change. At HIMSS, Change Healthcare will be introducing a new Payments Blockchain proof-of-concept (PoC) which was developed by our provider payments team. The re-engineered payment process is powered by a distributed ledger, and is designed to reduce the disparate entries that exist in today’s disconnected and legacy payment processes. The Payments Blockchain PoC kicks open the door for a streamlined, smart, and secure payment process that payers and providers can only dream about today.

On today’s show, we interview the Change Healthcare and Digital Asset team that’s come together to build this new Payments Blockchain. On the panel: Gopi Devalcheruvu, the vice president of technology for Change Healthcare; Vinod Nair, the director of product management for Change Healthcare; and Dan O’Prey, chief marketing officer for Digital Asset. Listen now to hear what this group of experts has to say about blockchain for healthcare. The panel discusses:

  • The backstory and development of the Payments Blockchain proof-of-concept
  • How the Payments Blockchain works
  • What the future of healthcare payment might look like
  • Predictions for the evolution of blockchain in healthcare
  • The payment blockchain’s potential for encouraging a wave of new capabilities for payers, providers, and partners
  • How the Payments Blockchain is enabled by the Change Healthcare payment network

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