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Nov 9, 2020

Healthcare interoperability gained increased urgency as a result of the pandemic. The need for public health measures, such as virtual care and contact tracing, showcased progress but also revealed gaps that must be closed. On today’s show, Arien Malec and Deanne Kasim speak with Paul Wilder, executive director of CommonWell Health Alliance, about how interoperability can drive innovation to close these gaps, mitigate compliance risks, and improve capabilities for stakeholders and the consumer experience.

Today's panel: Change Healthcare’s Arien Malec, SVP of R&D; Deanne Kasim, executive director, Health Policy; and Paul L. Wilder, executive director of CommonWell Health Alliance.

Here's what they explored:

  • The nationwide imperative for universal access to health data for patients, providers, and payers
  • Data interoperability and access gaps that emerged during the pandemic
  • How CommonWell's partnership with Carequality facilitates health data interoperability and portability
  • How a federated system for record retrieval can operate without a central database
  • Where gaps in the healthcare system persist
  • The prospect of increased government regulation
  • Anticipating regulatory requirements
  • Where further regulation might be required to enable broad interoperability

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