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Mar 23, 2020

Start-ups and mid-sized companies are innovating new IT solutions to solve challenges in the healthcare industry. One of the issues these development teams face is deciding whether to build all functionality in house, or focus on their strengths and integrate best-of-breed functionality where possible–speeding time to market in the process.

In this podcast, Aakarsh Sethi, product manager at INFINX Healthcare, walks us through his company’s thought process as they brought an innovative patient-access solution to fruition, solving their build vs. buy conundrum in the process.

Here’s what Aakarsh discusses with Gautam “G” Shah, vice president of Platform and Marketplace at Change Healthcare, on today's show.

  • Questions to ask when developing out a new HIT solution
  • Balancing product purpose with end-user needs
  • The “build vs. buy” decision
  • APIs as building blocks for innovation
  • The difference between APIs and APIs with broad connectivity
  • Understanding the value of API integrations
  • How FIHR could change data exchange within the next five years

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Show Resources