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Jun 17, 2021

Consumers expect digital access to providers to be on par with their online retail experiences. After all, they're footing the bill for healthcare under their high-deductible health plans. And o providers today need a “digital front door” that attracts and retains patients, and ultimately drives revenue. Today’s show brings together healthcare leaders from Adobe, Microsoft, and Change Healthcare to discuss this new normal, and what providers need to know to be successful with a digital-front-door strategy.

Today's panel features Ivy Portwood, principal marketing manager at Adobe; Tracy Picon, senior director with Microsoft’s U.S. Health and Life Sciences group; Tom Swanson, heads of Adobe’s Health and Life Sciences strategy and marketing; and Patrick Leonpacher, business development and operations executive with Change Healthcare.

Here's what they discussed:

  • Why digital front door matters
  • Patient self-help capabilities
  • Components of a digital front door
  • How to use digital tech to empower patients
  • How to improve healthcare accessibility
  • What healthcare leaders can learn from retail
  • Why personalization aids patient retention
  • How to bring price transparency into the patient experience
  • Keeping the human touch in a digital world

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