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Nov 16, 2020

Healthcare's digital experience has lagged other industries. Then came the pandemic. Overnight, digital engagement became a safer way for consumers to find, access, and pay for medical care. Today’s panel looks at how better access to telehealth, and other recent advancements, convinced stakeholders how effective virtual healthcare delivery can be, and how that experience might foreshadow permanent market changes.

Today's panel features Change Healthcare's Natalie Lawrence, director of Business Development, and Zayan Khadri, product manager on the Digital Consumer Experience team.

Here are the issues they discussed:

  • How the COVID-19 crisis pushed healthcare organizations to prioritize digital transformation
  • The role of telehealth in the future of healthcare
  • Why “touchless” experiences for processes such as patient check-in are now crucial
  • Whether pandemic-induced virtual healthcare delivery will become permanent
  • How healthcare organizations can make routine healthcare experiences resemble the best e-commerce experiences
  • Sources of consumer dissatisfaction and how to address them
  • The impact of the CMS price transparency mandate
  • How to use the mandate as a competitive advantage
  • What tomorrow's healthcare experience should look like

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