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Jun 4, 2019

Effective Medicaid engagement strategies encourage member populations to take a more active role in their healthcare. Done well, member engagement can help payers improve population health and plan performance. But that's easier said than done. Indeed, member engagement is one of the biggest challenges faced by plans and providers.

While there's no silver bullet to maximizing enrollee engagement, there are several proven strategies and practices that can help address mitigating factors such as social determinants of health, wellness motivators, and ineffective member communications.

We invited Natalee Fowler, a nationally recognized expert on Medicaid member engagement, to share some of her favorite techniques for helping payers better engage members. Natalie covers the common challenges, unpacks the buzzwords, and provides a roadmap for a contemporary communication strategy that can help payers raise the bar for engagement.

On today’s show, we discuss:

  • The biggest challenges to increasing member engagement (00:44)
  • Decoding industry buzzwords around member health motivators (03:04)
  • Moving the needle on maternal health engagement (05:43)
  • Maternal health program communication best practices (09:47)
  • Creating relevant content to improve engagement and outcomes (12:43)
  • Positioning for success with actionable metrics (15:55)
  • Measuring continued member engagement to prevent decline (18:44)
  • Do incentive programs really work? (20:26)

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