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Jun 10, 2019

"Hospital in the Home" is emerging as a frequently discussed concept in the medical community. Programs that allow patients to receive hospital-level of care in their homes have shown to be safer, less costly, and result in better patient outcomes. As a result, Hospital in the Home programs are gaining traction as an alternative option to acute inpatient stays.

To better understand the opportunities, benefits, and challenges of Hospital in the Home programs, we invited two of the nation's pioneers and leading experts on the matter to join us on the Change Healthcare podcast: Dr. Bruce Leff, Director for The Center of Transformative Geriatric Research at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine; and Dr. Allyson Kreshak, emergency medicine physician and Assistant Medical Director at UC San Diego Emergency Department.

Both helped innovate and steer Hospital in the Home programs for their respective hospital systems,and are optimistic that in-home hospital care can become the new standard of care for some patients. On today's show, we dive deep into the Hospital in the Home trend and discuss:

  • The genesis of Hospital in the Home programs and today's modern home-based care movement (5:50)
  • The quantifiable (and non-quantifiable) benefits of Hospital in the Home for patient outcomes (11:07)
  • What contributes to a successful Hospital in the Home program? (16:41)
  • The adoption challenges some Hospital in the Home programs have faced and the role of technology in the future of more streamlined home-based care (20:18)
  • Which patients are appropriate for Hospital in the Home programs? (26:18)
  • Top considerations to win buy-in to establish a Hospital in the Home program and common pitfalls to avoid (33:50)
  • Steps to create internal infrastructure for a successful Hospital in the Home program (33:50)
  • The practicalities of reimbursement models (44:00)
  • The future of Hospital in the Home (46:12)

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