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Jun 16, 2021

Paper checks comprise about one-third of all payments from health plans to providers. They’re accompanied by printed remittance information, which adds to the costs of printing, mailing and depositing checks. How can healthcare convert more payments from paper to electronic formats? In part one of a two-part series, host Brian Andrews, along with colleagues Dan Pay and Mark Zurline, discuss new technology that simplifies payment processing and posting.

Brian Andrews is Change Healthcare’s senior vice president of provider network development. He joins Dan Pay, vice president of strategy and management operations; and Mark Zurline, senior director of payments product management, in this compelling discussion about the latest advances in payment processing.

They discuss:

  • The financial scale of healthcare’s paper-check problem
  • Why paper checks persist in healthcare
  • Takeaways from converting paper claims to electronic
  • Inside the National Payments Connector (NPX)
  • The hidden value of one-time enrollment
  • How to consolidate remittances to a central portal
  • Considerations for system security

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