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Jun 1, 2020

The pandemic tipped telehealth from a disruptive technology into the mainstream, according to the AMA. We invited John Jesser, President of Clinical Solutions at Amwell, to tell us what the surge in telehealth looks like from the vantage point of a global telehealth leader; the implications for consumers, providers, payers, and digital health innovators; technical, operational, and regulatory barriers that remain; and what telehealth might look like and how it might change after the pandemic.

Joining Amwell’s Jesser is Jonathan Parks, VP of Business Development at Change Healthcare. Here’s what they discussed.

  • Was the telehealth industry prepared for the pandemic?
  • Positives, negatives, lessons learned by telehealth providers
  • How well are telehealth vendors, health systems, employer groups, and health plans working together?
  • A telehealth entry point for hospitals and health systems
  • Opportunities to make telehealth a more seamless, omnichannel experience for patients
  • Telehealth issues for employer groups: returning to work, on-site clinics, monitoring/testing in place
  • Working with health plans
  • How health plans are adapting
  • How the telehealth shift is affecting business models at health plans
  • Telehealth’s legal, regulatory, and administrative impact
  • Guidance for health plans’ telehealth strategies
  • Expanding telehealth beyond the current catalog of services, technical, and legal limitations
  • Will telehealth ever transcend the office visit?

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