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May 5, 2020

Government officials are weighing testing, tracing, and isolating the public while pondering how and when to restart the economy. As a former ONC leader and current HITAC member, Change Healthcare's SVP of product R&D Arien Malec is watching the COVID-19 policy proposals currently in play.

On today's episode, Arien is joined by Deanne Kasim, executive director of Health Policy at Change Healthcare, for a wide-ranging discussion of COVID-19 testing and surveillance policy proposals. Here’s what they hit upon.

  • What American healthcare needs to accommodate effective COVID-19 surveillance
  • Takeaways from the Duke-Margolis report on a national surveillance system
  • Proposals for getting people back to work during COVID-19
  • Social distancing and lockdowns while waiting for a vaccine
  • Proposed strategies and global practices for controlling the spread of disease while reopening the economy

Episode Resources

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  2. Deanne Kasim’s bio
  3. A New Strategy for Bringing People Back to Work During COVID-19
  4. A National COVID-19 Surveillance System: Achieving Containment
  5. Data Interoperability and Exchange to Support COVID-19 Containment
  6. Change Healthcare Government Affairs
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