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Aug 31, 2020

Victories and challenges abound across U.S. states in their efforts to overcome the pandemic. We invited two special guests from the National Conference of State Legislators to provide a deep dive into the current and emerging state policy trends around Medicare, Medicaid, and telehealth. Haley Nicholson and Emily Blanford field key questions from Deanne Kasim and Arien Malec on the latest state actions, where legislative friction remains, and what’s next in state policy decision making.

Insights on this episode come from Deanne Kasim, executive director of Health Policy for Change Healthcare; Arien Malec, SVP of Research & Development for Change Healthcare; Haley Nicholson, senior policy director of Health & Human Services for the National Conference of State Legislators; and Emily Blanford, program principal for the National Conference of State Legislators.

Their deep dive covers:

  • How states are preparing for the increase in demand for Medicare and Medicaid services
  • Forecasts for Medicaid enrollment
  • Tough budget decisions looming for states
  • Funding differences between CARES Act and the Federal Medical Assistance Percentage (FMAP)
  • How states have used these funds
  • Update on federal public health funding availed to states for pandemic response
  • Types of legislation and funding mechanisms that can augment state response
  • States’ key emergency actions to support the telehealth surge
  • Which actions should remain in place post-pandemic
  • Technology challenges hampering telehealth’s growth, and how states are overcoming these issues
  • Factors driving the payment parity debate between telehealth and in-person doctor visits

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