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Jun 4, 2021

Today 37% of the U.S. is vaccinated. But how do you verify that? What vaccine was given? How do you schedule follow ups? What about vaccinations for other diseases? Vaccine credentialing is one answer, but healthcare credentials issued by different organizations need to be consistent, interoperable, private, and secure. On today’s show, Ramesh Raskar, PhD, and Kris Joshi look at the present and future of healthcare credentialing, the challenges, and the opportunities for population health.

Today’s panel features Ramesh Raskar, PhD, founder of the PathCheck Foundation; and Kris Joshi, executive vice president and president of Network Solutions at Change Healthcare.

Here's what they discussed.

  • U.S. vaccine hesitancy compared to other countries
  • Issuing and using vaccine credentials
  • Integrating credentialing into the public health infrastructure
  • Preparing for outbreaks and booster-shot programs
  • Considerations for interoperability and the consumer experience
  • Lessons to be learned from other countries
  • Crowdsourcing to close public health IT gaps

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