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Aug 10, 2020

No event in recent history demands telehealth like the coronavirus pandemic. Today’s episode features one of the country’s leading telehealth experts, Ann Mond Johnson, CEO of the American Telemedicine Association (ATA). G. Shah and Carolyn Wukitch join Ann for a lively discussion on one of the hottest topics in healthcare IT today: telehealth—including its evolving definition, applications, innovations, potential obstacles and public policies—and what it all means for payers, providers, and policymakers.

G Shah, VP of Healthcare Platform and Marketplace for Change Healthcare leads the conversation with Ann Mond Johnson, CEO for the American Telemedicine Association; and Carolyn Wukitch, SVP of Network and Financial Management Solutions for Change Healthcare.

They cover:

  • How COVID-19 is changing the definition of telehealth
  • Whether the new face of telehealth is here to stay
  • Tips for providers and payers when adopting telehealth services
  • Ways to scale telehealth services
  • How payers and providers should coordinate telehealth strategies
  • Estimations on whether non-clinical telehealth applications will take root
  • Impact of expanded applications on rural and underserved communities
  • Telehealth’s potential to flatten the curve in areas deprived of primary care providers
  • Update on the latest telehealth policy and regulatory changes
  • What progress is needed to mature telehealth policies
  • How payers can support telehealth expansion
  • Forecasts for the future of telehealth

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