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Feb 26, 2020

The Protecting Access to Medicare Act (PAMA) becomes mandatory in 2020. It promotes evidence-based medicine by requiring consultation of appropriate use criteria (AUC) when ordering Medicare part B advanced imaging, and evidence of such consultations in order for claims to be paid by the CMS.

On today's podcast, Change Healthcare's Bob Cooke discusses PAMA with Sean McCormick, MD, and Natasha Stjepanovic, Care Select Imaging team product manager. Here's what ground they covered.

  • PAMA requirements
  • Why PAMA legislation was needed
  • Integrating decision support into the EHR workflow
  • How to meet PAMA's AUC requirements
  • Inside PAMA consultation requirements

Episode Resources

  1. Bob Cooke's bio
  2. Dr. Sean McCormick's bio
  3. Natasha Stjepanovic's bio
  4. PAMA regulations
  5. PAMA portal
  6. CareSelect Lab
  7. Change Healthcare announces CareSelect Imaging Open Access

Show Resources